Daily One word Prompt

Yes, it’s another one word prompt. I do enjoy doing these and I hope you mildly enjoy, or at least don’t mind me doing them.

Today’s word: Toothbrush

My toothbrush is missing and I’m tired of searching for it. Have you seen it, honey?


Totally advertising

Hey, guys, it’s been longer than I would have liked and I apologize for that. I promise I have not abandoned anything. I am in the mid process of preparing a few posts for the blog.

I did want to advertise a shirt I made, inspired by the rock band, Def Leppard. it’s nothing fancy, in fact, it’s a fairly simple design but it was my first time I plan to do better designs, as well as, designs for men at later dates.

So check it out if you’d like.

Def Leppard Inspired shirt