Another drawing of a human

I have been trying to practice my drawings of people but obviously, I need a lot of work still. Most especially on the head shape. I screwed up the nose but normally I do okay on noses. I quite like the hair



My hand at Drawing

I tried my hand at drawing two original characters and they’re not half bad. Now that I have a base idea of how they look, I can keep improving. I’m quite proud of myself and I’m the worst critic when it comes to my drawings. Now it’s nothing compared to those I like to call artists (I would never call myself an artist; I’m not that good) who do beautiful work but I’m quite proud if I do say so myself.


Now I did use some links for inspiration and I will post the links at the bottom of the post.


I use this for inspiration on the face in general: Portrait Drawings: Learn to draw

I used this search subject for drawing hair and while I didn’t specifically use any of the hairs I saw, it did help me get a base idea of how to go about it: How to Draw hair


I will post the actual drawing I did in a day or so. I want to attempt drawing it once more first though.